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Fall 2018

Heirloom Wedding

Designing your wedding should be about allowing your personality to shine. It is great when a couple can incorporate elements that are true to themselves or that honour what matters most to them.

Heirloom wedding designs often incorporate a feeling of warmth, family, and heritage. It is about curating beautiful pieces from family members such as a candlesticks for your head-tables, or vintage frames for your reception table, perhaps a frame that your parents or grandparents received as a wedding gift.

Try adding unique items like a vintage book or vessel as a centerpiece to create an interesting story as well as being visually stunning.

You can coordinate porcelain tea cups and saucers that you’ve collected from loved ones. And yes mismatched is always acceptable with this look.

Adding delicate touches throughout the wedding can really help to create a cohesive look throughout the entire wedding.


We love this look! It is about curating those essential pieces and pairing them together in a beautiful delicate way that ties it all together and often using a simple colour palette of pink and green will really let those heirloom pieces steal the show.

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