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Winter 2018

Linen Rental Guide

Linen rentals are an incredibly large part of our business.   Whether you’re renting for a wedding, a gala, a corporate banquet, or even a backyard anniversary party – knowing the basics of selecting your linens can be a major help.  Our linens are professionally cleaned, pressed, and packaged.  Here are some helpful bits of info on your linen selections.

Types of Linen

  • Napkins
  • Chair Covers
  • Table Runners
  • Decor Ties/Sashes
  • Overlays
  • Table Covers
  • Skirting


Here is a basic guide of Table Cover & Overlay linen sizes:

  • 84″ Square – An overlay that is used that creates a layered effect
  • 90″ Round – Covers a 5′ round table to lap length, or a 30″x 29″ Cocktail Table to floor length
  • 120″ Round – Covers a 5′ round table to floor length, or a 30″ x 42″ Cocktail Table to floor length
  • 53″ x 120″ – Covers a 6′ or 8′ Banquet Table to Lap Length
  • 90″ x 156″ – Covers a 6′ or 8′ Banquet Table to Floor Length


  • Puddle – If the linen is longer than floor length, it’s considered to puddle and will need to be tucked/placed to appear in line with the floor
  • Swag – Swooping the linen to create a “Ripple” effect
  • Floor Length – Goes perfectly to the floor with no puddle
  • Lap Length – You will see the table legs exposed, and the linen will stop at approximately the lap of your guests sitting at the table


  • Satin – Typically made from silk
  • Damask – Patterned linen – usually from heavyweight material
  • Taffeta – Smooth and made from silk or rayon
  • Velvet – Smooth fabric with a soft pile
  • Organza – Sheer and thin, usually made from cotton or silk
  • Cotton – Made from fibres of the flax plant
  • Polyester – Synthetic fabric
  • Plisse – Cotton fabric with a crinkled or pleated striped texture
  • Dazzle – Small sequins
  • Sequin – Fabric with disk-shaped beads

We have a wide variety of linens and drape for all of your rental needs.  Samples are set up full time in our Showroom for you to view, touch, and even set up mock tablescapes to test out for your event.

Visit us online at www.sohandy.com to view our large and diverse linen selections.

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