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Winter 2018

Having a Pet at Your Wedding

For most pet owners, you consider your pet a member of the family.  Some couples cannot imagine their Big Day happening without including their beloved pet(s).

There are many different ways that you can incorporate your animal into your wedding.

  • Have your pet do the proposal
  • Use your pet’s photo as a save the date – especially if your pet is an especially great sign holder
  • Have your pet incorporated into your engagement photos
  • Use your pet as a ring pup or flower kitty
  • Walk your pet down the aisle or carry them in a basket in lieu of (or along with) your bouquet
  • Have your pet be a wedding guest
  • Have your pet in your wedding day photos or in a photo for your Thank You cards
  • Any combination of the above

You’ll have to keep in mind that some of your guests may have animal phobias or allergies, so you should give guests a heads up on the invitation, or ask on the RSVP to have guests note if they will be bothered by your furry/feathered/reptile companion.

Another important thing to note is that animals can be even more unpredictable than children when in large groups, so make sure you take your pet’s type and temperament in mind.  Also, you’ll want to assign a dedicated “Pet Keeper” for the day to ensure your pet is cared for, given food & water, and “Potty Breaks”.

For some pets, being involved in photos and the proposal is the best bet.  For others, they have temperaments that they can be involved in the day start to finish without a hiccup.

Hope you and your pet family enjoy your Big Day!

Dog Photo:  www.bridalguide.com

Multiple Pets Photo: www.weddingandweddingflowers.co.uk

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