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Winter 2018

Wedding Top 10 Moments

Written by Handy Special Events employee, Jennifer Draper.


There are SO many moments that make a Wedding Day Special, but here is a Top 10 List of some of my personal faves.

In no particular order:

  1. First Look Photos – I know some people are very superstitious when it comes to seeing each other before they take their vows, but one of my favorite things is when couples tell me they are doing First Look photos.  They cry, I cry, photographers cry.  And I absolutely love it.
  2. Watching the Groom when everyone else is watching the Bride.  When the Bride enters the doorway to walk down the aisle, everyone turns and watches her – while I stare right at the groom.  The look on their faces when they see their soon to be wife for the first time is priceless.  It’s the traditional “First Look” for those that do not want to see each other before their ceremony.
  3. Ring Bearers & Flower Girls.  This is always an adventure.  Sometimes it’s babies being pulled in wagons, toddlers running in circles, or slightly older kiddos nervously walking slowly down the aisle.  They are always cute – even when they do not act according to plan (which, PS, happens most of the time) – and can sometimes stand out as a highlight for the entire ceremony.  I’ve even seen pet ring bearers and flower girls, which is equally cute – sometimes messier.
  4. Family Dances (Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Grandparents, etc.).  I know everyone gets excited to see the first dance between the Bride and Groom, and I do too, especially when they have a cool, choreographed routine up their sleeve.  However, there is something so amazing when a daughter takes the dance floor with her Father, or when the Bride and Groom dance with relatives such as their Grandparents.  It’s such a special moment and you can always feel the pride and the love surround the entire room in those moments.  One moment I’ll never forget is when one of my Brides had her first dance with her son, as her Father had passed away a few years prior.  There was not a dry eye in that room.
  5. Welcome to the Family Speeches.  These usually go one of two ways – emotional with lots of tears, or absolutely hilarious.  Either way – of all of the speeches given, this is always my favorite one…..that, or when a Best Man tells an (appropriate for the crowd, but super embarrassing) story he really shouldn’t have and the Groom’s face turns bright red.
  6. Slide Shows.  It doesn’t matter if they are quick, 2 minute shows, or the (some guests would say) too long ones that are like mini-movies.  I lose myself in these slideshows.  I love seeing the couples that I’ve gotten so close to in the planning process as babies/toddlers, embarrassing teen year photos, photos of their loved ones, and watching their relationship grow through pictures.   This one gets me every time.  If you’re catching a theme here – I tear up a lot at weddings.  From the first one I attended, the first one I worked, and every one since – I can’t think of one wedding that hasn’t had at least one tear fall.
  7. The rehearsal day prior.  This is usually a mixture of nerves and hilarious happenings.  While the couple is usually nervous and minds running a mile a minute, the bridal party and family are always in humor mode.  These are the moments where I really get to see the relationships that the couple has with their friends and family in an exciting evening leading up to the big day.  This event is always full of laughter!
  8. The dance…right around 11pm.  This one is self-explanatory.  Everyone is in their element, the stress is off, the emotions have settled, and it’s party time!  The dance moves are in full swing and there is never a dull moment.
  9. Extras.  When couples add things like photo posters, tables named after destinations they have traveled to, fun facts about the bride & groom, personalized favors that show their personalities and interests, memorial tables for loved ones passed, when the bride has a sentimental something old or something borrowed…these are the little things that just add to the day and make it a personal and heart felt experience for everyone.
  10. The entire day – I realized while typing this that I really could have typed up countless points about what I love about the weddings that I work and the relationships I build with my clients during the planning process, but I truly do enjoy the entire process.  From meeting my couples for the first time over coffee, to hugging them at the end of their wedding day – I truly love my job.  It’s such an honor to be chosen by my couples to work with them on such an important time in their lives.  THANK YOU to every client that I have had the privilege to work with, and I look forward to the clients to come in the future.


I am beyond excited to be working at Handy Special Events, and we have a team of wedding planners passionate about all things weddings!  Contact us today to discuss how we can help with Wedding Planning and all of your Event Rentals!


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