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Winter 2018

Beer & Marriage

Most weddings & special event receptions you’ve attended have likely had a bar.  What better way to get guests talking about your bar than to do something out of the ordinary, custom, and unique?  That’s just what 9 Mile Legacy can do for your event.

Owners Shawn Moen & Garrett Pederson have created something really special with their craft beer business, so we wanted to ask them a few questions about 9 Mile and how they can add a special touch to your big day.  From a list of beers that will get your guests lining up all night, to unique bottles you can give to your bridal party, and even a custom beer you can work with them to create – you won’t regret coming to their Riversdale retail store.

Q & A With Shawn Moen:

Tell us a bit about 9 Mile Legacy and how it got started:

Somedays it feels like Garrett and I have been brewing together forever!  We have brewed for roughly a decade, starting our first home batch in the garage one winter night.  Like many home-brewers, we spent quite a lot of time talking about ”starting our own brewery”.  We eventually left professional careers and travelled around the world working in different breweries before starting 9 Mile Legacy.

But the concept of 9 Mile Legacy is much bigger than Garrett and I.  When we started thinking seriously about our brewery project, we realized that this partnership is much bigger than the two of us.  100 years ago, circumstance resulted in our farms being 9 miles apart.  Like many farm families, each generation of our families have worked together, celebrating good times and weathering hard times.  It is a story often told in places like Saskatchewan.

How can people try your product?

The best place to try our beer is down at our Taproom, which is located on in Riversdale at 229-20th street.  We sell “growlers” of beer from our retail store (a fancy word for 1L and 2L refillable bottles) and, at any given time, we will have 4-5 beer styles pouring at our store.  You are welcome to try them all!

We like to think of beer tasting as an experience; each beer style has its own story, with unique flavors and aromas, and we truly enjoy creating an atmosphere where people can sample each beer and ask questions about the beer and the process.  We shoot for variety at the shop – offering a beer style that is “typical” or “accessible” alongside a beer that is dark, hoppy and perhaps a bit out of ordinary.  We have probably brewed 40 different beer styles since we opened last year.

In addition to our brewery, we have over 10 accounts throughout the city that carry our product.  Check out www.9milelegacy.com/faq for more information.

What makes your product unique?

Being a nano-brewery, we have the ability to play around with beer in a big way.   When you make beer at a smaller scale, it allows you to create personalized batches and recipes and take risks that larger breweries cannot.  We also source our product as locally as possible, which not only supports Saskatoon’s small scale economy, but truly gives our beer a homegrown feel.  As an example, we recently created a beer for Elkridge Resort that was inspired by Northern Saskatchewan and contained spruce tips and wild blueberries.

We like pushing the boundaries of what “beer” can be.

Do you ever sell your product in batches to be served at weddings and special events?

If so, can it be ordered by the individual bottle, or is it by the keg only?

We most definitely do.  Customers looking to serve our beer at their event can come in and discuss with us their needs as far as quantity, choice, and any special needs they may have (licensing, for example).  We have provided beer for weddings and party sizes of all kinds.  We can send out kegs and rent you a “kegerator” to meet the needs of larger gatherings or we can send out 2L growlers for smaller sized gatherings.  For a couple wanting something special to kick off their event, we can also supply a cask of beer (which the couple would tap with a hammer) – a much more fun way to “cut the cake”.

Can you make a custom blend of beer specific for a couples wedding day based on their tastes?

With enough notice, anything is possible! We can usually accommodate a custom commissioned beer with 2 months’ notice.  These projects are a lot of fun for us as it allows us to flex our creative muscle and really bring out the personality of the couple getting married – in beer form!

Do you fill small orders that couples could use as gifts for the bridal party, parent gifts, etc?

Definitely.  We have a lot of customers who come in to buy full growlers as gifts for their bridal parties.  It is a unique gift that can be individualized based on each individual person’s taste preference! If you want to leave it to your recipient to come in to taste and choose their own beer, we also do gift cards.

Can a couple order a custom bottle design with their wedding date & name, or the name of the person they are gifting it to?

Again, with enough notice, anything is possible!  We have coordinated custom 1L/2L growlers for special events and have even brewed custom beer to suit the couple’s palate or interests.  If individual gifts of beer are more your intent, we can arrange smaller bottles with labels.  We work with a great team of designers that can add that perfect accent to your big day.


Thanks so much to 9 Mile for completing this interview!  How unique is the idea of a couple tapping their custom keg together to go with their cake cutting ceremony?!  Out of the ordinary – and completely awesome.

9 Mile is a great company to do business with, and they are constantly helping other businesses around Saskatoon – especially in the Riversdale area.  Speaking from personal experience, small businesses helping each other is crucial to success – and these guys are always looking out for other people.

Their new Taproom is absolutely gorgeous and a cool venue for a function of 50 people or less.




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