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Winter 2017

Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning your wedding is a major undertaking, but there are some key things you can avoid that will streamline your planning process.

Taking on Everything Yourself

  • Don’t forget to ask for help.  Whether this is your bridal party, your family, and/or hired professionals, make sure you remember to enjoy this process!


Putting Too Much on Your Bridal Party/Friends/Family

  • After seeing the previous point, this one is important.  Friends and family are there to help, but it’s important not to turn them into full blown planners/employees.   Wedding Planners are the perfect solution to ensure that everyone can enjoy this day with minimal work involved.


Not Hiring a Professional

  • Professionals are key people in your day who specialize in their fields.  It’s very important to do your research before hiring your vendors.  Read reviews, talk to previous clients, and don’t let a low price be your only deciding factor.  Ensure that contracts are detailed and fully understand what you are receiving.


Sending out Save the Dates & Selecting Your Attendants Too Soon

  • Try not to send out your save the dates and select your bridal party too far in advance.  A good rule of thumb is 6 months.  Friends can become acquaintances, you can change jobs and feel less obligated to invite those co-workers, etc.  A lot can happen in a short amount of time, so it’s best to ensure you don’t add on extra stress to your process.


Not Selecting Your Must Haves Right Away

  • As soon as you start planning, make a list of the things that you feel will “Make or Break” your dream day.  This could be your favorite DJ or photographer, dream venue, or maybe even the pair of Louboutins you always wanted.  This leads us right into our next point:


Not Having a Budget

  • This step goes hand in hand with selecting your must haves.  A budget will keep you on track with your planning process and help avoid any surprises or disappointments.  Wedding Planners can be a great resource in helping with this process.


Not Having a Seating Plan

  • We’ve blogged about this before, but not only does a seating plan help avoid uncomfortable moments for your guests, it can actually be a cost-saver too.


Open Mics

  • Maybe you are lucky and have very responsible guests that will only say kind and appropriate things when given an open mic.  However, reality usually dictates that around the time open mic hits, there have been some cocktails served and there is always the risk that one friend or relative will get up and say something that the happy couple may not enjoy.


Sweating the Small Stuff

  • It’s important to remember that with any event, especially a wedding, there will be at least one teeny tiny thing that will not go according to plan.  Nine times out of ten it is something that absolutely nobody except for you or your wedding planner will notice.  Don’t let something like the ink on your stationary being one shade brighter than you hoped ruin what is otherwise an absolutely perfect day to remember.


Trying to Please Everyone

  • Remember, this day belongs to you and the person you are marrying, and nobody else.  If you and your partner are happy, that is THE most important thing.


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