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Fall 2016

Place Your Bets

Theme Parties are popular year round. Casino theme Parties are especially popular during the Holiday Season. They are a great way to bring some fun into a corporate Christmas party, fundraising event, wedding and even a house party.

Here are some Handy tips to make your Casino Event a success:

  • Choose a specific time slot for the “playing” portion of the evening. Usually 2-3 hours is enough time. After this time people tend to lose interest.
  • Have a variety of games for your guests to play. There are a lot to choose from- Blackjack, Roulette, Horse Race, Crown & Anchor and Over & Under.
  • Put some stand up cocktail tables with a fun centerpiece in the area so people have somewhere to rest in between games
  • Black jack tables have enough spaces for 5 hands. You will need 3-5 decks of cards per blackjack table.
  • Wheel games have a betting mat that sits on a table. As many people that can fit around the table can play.
  • It is recommended to have 1 game for every 10-15 people at your event.
  • Hire or have a knowledgeable dealer to run each game.
  • Give your guests play money to bet with. You can hand this out to them at the start of the evening as they enter your party. A suggested breakdown of play money is:  5-$1000.00 bills, 10 $500.00 bills and 15 $100.00 bills.  You will also need extra money for your dealers to give out as the payout can vary.
  • For the play money that is won, tickets can be redeemed to enter draws for prizes or you can use your money to buy or bid on prizes.
  • Add some theme décor to your event. Try some oversize dice, playing cards or a sparkly backdrop.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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