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Fall 2016

Importance of Staging

A key component that must be considered for several types of events is staging– whether it be a gala, wedding, concert/performance or fashion show. Aside from stunning decor and a well-organized program, stages are also key to what make or break any special event. Let us give you some very good reasons!

Stages are used to highlight certain (if not a majority) of the segments that are a part of your event. It is through these stage set-ups that your guests are given a much better viewing experience of whatever it may be that’s happening in your program.

These are necessary to divide or establish area restrictions– allowing for the flow of your event to go uninterrupted. It simply makes your event’s flow more effective and according to plan. Stages provide more space (in the cases of performers) to move around much easily without having to worry about making unnecessary contact with the spectators.

When choosing a venue, the availability of staging is also something to consider. Most established auditoriums or halls in cities already have them in place along with the lighting and backdrops necessary for the said stage. However, modular storage options are also available in the market. There are a number of companies that sell modular staging sets and there are also a good number of companies that are great suppliers for renting these kinds of staging units.

The best part about these modular staging sets is that they can work both indoors and outdoors and are relatively easy to set-up and take down. They can be laid out on an even surface, are retractable and customizable to cater to your events’ needs. Furthermore, these modular stages can be set-up fairly quickly depending on the size needed and the team that’s doing the set-up. Just remember to plan accordingly so that your modular stage set-ups are up and ready to go way before your event starts– these set-ups are usually the first to be done anyway as they usually have to be decorated.

Last but not the least, safety must always be factored in when planning on using a modular staging set. Whether you are buying or renting these modular staging sets, always inform the representatives that you’re dealing with what type of platform you will need, what size and what strength is necessary for your events’ purposes. This way, they can give you a proper recommendation on the appropriate modular staging unit(s) that you will be buying or renting.

As an additional resource, it would be highly advisable to consult with the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Committee of your province for standards and regulations regarding setting up modular staging for events. As a quick reference, here in the province of Saskatchewan, you could refer to the OH&S Regulations 121, 122 and 123 for more detailed information on staging at special events.

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