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Summer 2016

The Great Outdoors

There is no doubt in our mind that indoor events are a little less challenging to prepare for compared to outdoor events. We’ll attribute this to one thing- control.There are most certainly more factors to consider when planning for outdoor events. But we can’t deny the joy that outdoor events bring, it’s always a breath of fresh air and we all need to capitalize on it in the months that easily allow us to hold such events.

Here are just a couple of tips we’ve learnt over the years that we’ve planned and put together outdoor events:


Always prepare yourselves not only for rain but also for extreme wind conditions:

– Sadly, we can never be in control of the weather, especially here in Saskatchewan where one moment it’s bright and sunny and the next moment it starts raining cats and dogs. We can’t control weather conditions but we can always plan for it and if properly done, we won’t have to see our centrepieces and decor flying all over the place. Having well-staked tents for your outdoor event is definitely one way to protect everything from both rain and extreme wind conditions.

Maintain Ambiance:

– Lighting is most certainly one of the elements that make the ambiance of an event- whether it be an outdoor one or an indoor one. You may need to think twice about candle (flame) lit events especially when the wind starts to pick up for safety reasons. Make it a point to consider flameless candles instead of traditional wax candles for outdoor events to maintain ambience. Flameless candles may be a little bit more pricey to have at your event but we believe that these will put you more at ease than wax candles possibly burning your event down. (Yikes)

Prepare for Nuisances:


– With outdoor events, you also have to prepare bug spray, sunscreen, portable washrooms and hand sanitizers, and potable drinking water to keep all of your guests comfortable throughout the outdoor event. In some cases, it’s actually best to have the area where you’re setting up your outdoor event sprayed in advance to take care of pests. If your event goes until later on during the evening you may also want to consider generators to keep your electrical equipment functional.

Special Event planners and hosts who take the extra time and effort to construct contingency plans for outdoor events are able to ensure that guests at their events have a pleasant overall outdoor experience. Our goal is to create positive experiences during events and these can only happen with well-planned outdoor events. Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!


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