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Spring 2016

Tent Series: Important Consideration (part 1)

Spring has come and the weather has really started to warm up which means that everyone’s looking forward to having more outdoor events. Tents are everyone’s best friend especially when it comes to organizing or even just hosting outdoor events.

These structures are very flexible as tents come in different shapes and sizes and allow people to use them in various locations as well. The great thing about tents is that you can also combine these structures around the architectural features of any given location. Most importantly, tents not only create a festive atmosphere but also protect guests from the elements of nature.

Here are a couple of important matters to consider when thinking of having tents at your outdoor events.



  • This would probably be one of the most important things to consider above everything
  • The space you have for your function or event will be the determining factor when it comes to the size and shape and combination(s) of the tent(s) that you will be using.

Number of Guests

  • In relation to space, your guest count will most likely be another determining factor in relation to the size of the tent that you will be using for your event.

Sit Down Reception or Casual Gathering?

  • The type of event that you will be organizing whether it be a sit down/formal reception or casual gathering will also help determine the size of tent that you’ll need.
  • More formal sit down receptions would require you to allow for more space when it comes to tables, chairs, catering, walls, lighting, dance floor and even stages if needed.
  • On the other hand, a more casual gathering will have less of these sub-elements to consider.

Stay tuned for part two of our Tent Series article on more important considerations within the next couple of days to get more useful information on tents!


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