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Spring 2016

Ceiling Decor Tips

We turn our focus on some very useful tips and important things to consider when it comes to decorating ceilings for any of your given events.

Ceiling Height:

This is the first thing you need to know before considering ceiling décor. A venue with a high ceiling will give you more options. Ideally a ceiling of 12ft or higher is best. If you are using fabric this will allow it to swag or drape down above leaving room for your guests to walk underneath. For lower ceilings you will have to use smaller décor items or lighting.  You will have to subtract the size of whatever you are hanging from the ceiling height.


Check with your venue to make sure you are able to hang décor from the ceiling. Also see what you can use to attach your décor. Some venues already have hooks, truss or beams built in. Also note where any ceiling fans or lights are located so they will not interfere with your décor.

  • Many venues are equipped and ready to allow you to hang your décor; it just depends on the size\weight.
  • Note that some venues will require you to use fire retardant fabric. If you are purchasing or renting make sure to check.
  • Tools:
  • To hang anything from the ceiling you will need a ladder. Make sure you have a ladder tall enough to reach the ceiling. For some set ups it is helpful to have two ladders. If your ceiling is too high for a ladder see if the venue has a scissor lift and experienced operator. You will also need to have fastening tools- fishing line, tape, and zip ties and hooks.
  • Remember, if your venue doesn’t have the appropriate tools to help you hang your ceiling décor, you can rent everything you need, including ladders and scissor lifts.
  • Safety needs to be a priority. The proper tools, experience and knowledge will make sure the job is done safely and done well.


Make sure you allow some extra time in your planning for the set up of the décor. Ceiling décor, especially draping and swaging take the most time.

  • Don’t forget to ask your venue if their employees can help you or if they have time to hang your décor, if not you’ll have to decide whether or not you can do it yourself, (with the correct equipment) or if would like to hire someone to complete the installation and tear down for you. If you have rented the ceiling décor item don’t forget to ask about installation and removal services.



You don’t have to decorate the entire ceiling to have an impact. Choose one or two areas to highlight. Pick over a head table or stage, in a cocktail area or just over the dance floor.

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